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Every bespoke design is built from the ground up!

Our beautifully engineered range of aluminium folding doors stand out from those of competitors with sleek profiles, integrated ironmongery and options for incredible thermal efficiency. We believe you will not find a more attractive system with better performance anywhere else.

Transforming living spaces.

This popular system of robust yet slim thermally broken aluminium frames set the industry standard for quality and thermal efficiency. For beautiful bespoke aluminium bi folding doors

When only the best will do

Bi Folding Doors Guarantees that its bi folding doors are exclusively made of high-class materials and are subject to strict quality control. We therefore guarantee that the acquired folding door will remain fully functional for many years.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, both pre and post installation.

At Bi Folding Doors we don’t sell a bi folding doors to a customer if we do not feel it will meet expectations. We have strict guidelines on panel width, glass specification and high quality gearing. Occasionally, we are unable to accommodate a request where we feel it will compromise the door’s integrity. We prefer to have happy customers every time. A bi folding door is a high tech product. We will help you through the purchasing process – from initial enquiry through to after sales support – with a prompt, personal service and with honesty. Faults are rare but to reassure you we provide a back-up service to deal with any troubles which may arise.

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Maximising Open Air

Bi-fold door system is a combination of hinged doors that attached together. Bi-fold doors are extremely effective to maximise the available entry or open area within a wide space. Bi-fold doors fold onto themselves to condense into a minimal area, but maximise the open air. Aluminium bi-fold doors are durable and strong, they are designed to withstand a regular use.
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Applying Versatility

Bi-fold doors are great for entertaining areas and locations you want the maximum unobstructed view. Take open living to the next level with the bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors form an unobtrusive, attractive passage to the outside world. See the gallery for ideas. Bi-fold doors fold back into a discrete stack when opened, leaving an opening unobstructed by beams or frames.
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Bringing Outdoors In

Our Bi Fold Doors combine the latest hardware technology with the uncompromising strength of heavy duty aluminium profiles, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views and the ultimate sensation of bringing the outdoors indoors. Discover how affordable they can be Call Us Today!
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Creating An Ambience

The perfect way to maximise your living space is with Aluminium or PVCu and Bi Fold Doors. When the doors are closed, your room will be flooded with natural light while keeping the elements at bay. An Ideal way to enhance the ambience of your entertainment areas.

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  • Square detailing that is simple and modern.
  • Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security.
  • Extruded aluminium panel wall thickness of up to 1/4"
  • Single lite panels up to 10' tall without the need for a horizontal mullion.
  • 10" tall bottom rail, low rise sill and other options for commercial requirements
  • Single & dual glazing options.
  • Clean and narrow 2 3/4” stile & rail profile doors
  • Outswing & inswing options
  • Engineered weather sill - clear or bronze anodized finish
  • Hardware finishes available in stainless steel or bronze
  • European locking multi-point daily passage door (With most common configurations)
  • Up to 20 panels, 10 in each direction
  • Magnetic door stops

just a few testimonials

  • "My doors are now installed and they are wonderful...thanks so much for your help. They absolutely change the look of my place, and I am exceptionally impressed with the quality and how easy they are to use. I live in a community where a lot of people are building/remodeling homes and I'm certain you will get more orders after my friends see my doors. Thanks again...I love my doors and working with you guys was a pleasure. You have a great product...good luck!"
    Steve K. Lindley
  • "Couldn’t help but call. Saw the installation for first time...Oh my, they are georgous! Can’t wait for the house to be done, and invite you up with your camera and give you a frosty beverage"
    Bruce Solarez

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